Crusader Kings 3 Brings Kingdoms to Life with DLC Tours And Tournaments


Paradox Interactive has announced the release of new downloadable content (DLC) for the medieval grand strategy Crusader Kings 3, in which Tours And Tournaments allow you to hold extravagant events in the kingdoms of players.

The tours and tournaments were announced today (March 6) during the Paradox announcement show.

Tours and tournaments, which are scheduled to launch this spring, will allow players to spend holidays and tournaments in their possessions, and rulers will be able to travel around their lands.

Tournaments will offer the means to improve the host’s social standing or military prowess, while traveling around the kingdom will allow players to offer gifts to their vassals or extort higher taxes from them. Meanwhile, players will also be able to arrange weddings, which serve as an opportunity to “honor their relatives, please their vassals and demonstrate their power.”

Tours and tournaments will also introduce a travel system, which means that players will need to plan their route to and from each event. As Paradox has shown, choosing different routes and different sizes of escorts can affect the speed and safety of your trip.

The DLC will also add more clothing options, armor designs, and the ability to award knightly awards that can provide bonuses for the entire army.

Meanwhile, the free update it launches simultaneously will introduce a new action menu, updated interactions for certain in-game events, and “major” changes to vassal relationships and domain management.

Elsewhere on the Paradox Announcement Show, the studio announced that another of its grand strategy games, Europa Universalis 4, will receive an expansion called Domination.

Domination will follow the “rise and fall of empires from the Renaissance to the Age of Revolutions” and will offer new features and mission trees for some of the game’s largest nations.

As for other gaming news, 50 Cent deleted two social media posts that fans thought were Grand Theft Auto 6 teasers.


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