Crunchyroll Plans: see how subscription works


Crunchyroll, an anime streaming site, offers several subscription prices. In addition to the free modality, which contains advertisements, the “Premium” choice was fragmented into two new versions: Fan and Mega Fan, the latter of which can also be paid for in annual format. Depending on the chosen plan, the user may have access to two or more screens simultaneously, and even download the content to watch offline, when they do not have an Internet connection or want to take a trip, for example.

The Crunchyroll app is available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, and can also be connected to any TV with HDMI input via Google Chromecast. The content can still be viewed on the PC via a web browser. It is possible to test the Premium version for 14 days without paying anything. Next, find out about the Crunchyroll plans available in Brazil and see how the subscription works.

1. Free Plan

The Free Plan can be accessed by any user of the platform, with the possibility of watching the same anime from the catalog. However, simultaneous premieres will only be available one week after paid plans.

So that the user can follow the videos for free, the service displays ads. Anyway, even in this plan, it is necessary to create an account on the site by entering a valid email address, username, password, date of birth and gender. Access is released shortly thereafter.

2. Fan Plan

The Crunchyroll Fan Plan is the first to allow watching anime on the same day, when there is simultaneous transmission with Japan. In addition, the subscription offers full access to the collection of the service, without restrictions and without ads.

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The monthly subscription to the anime platform costs R $ 25.00, but the user can opt for the R $ 70.00 quarterly alternative, which gives a R $ 5.00 discount on the total amount, or the one-year contract. for R $ 215.00. In the latter way, the monthly fee is R $ 17.92.

3. Mega Fan Plan

The Mega Fan Plan, in addition to the benefits of the previous subscription, offers two exclusive advantages, such as the option to watch offline and broadcast on four screens simultaneously. It is worth mentioning that, in order to watch the episodes in a location without Internet access, it is necessary to download the content to your device, so check first if you have enough space.

The subscription costs R $ 32.00 per month. However, within the Mega Fan, Crunchyroll also offers an annual subscription plan for R $ 315.00, which is equivalent to a 16% discount.


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