Cruella: trailer reveals unpublished scenes from the movie


The second official trailer for Cruella was released by Disney on Wednesday (7). Featuring unpublished scenes, the preview highlights the influence of Baroness Von Hellman (Emma Thompson) in the “creation” of the classic villain Cruella de Vil (Emma Stone).

In one of the excerpts from the video, viewers will see Cruella’s efforts to steal some Dalmatians. Thus, explaining the fixation of the character in the dog breed.

In a more humane way, Cruella will tell the origin of the classic Disney villain. Set in London in the 1970s during the rise of the punk movement, the film reveals how young swindler Estella started her “legacy” in the fashion world.

“One day, the young woman’s talent for fashion catches the attention of Baroness Von Hellman, a fashion legend who is devastatingly chic and frightening. But their relationship unleashes a course of events that will make Estella embrace her rebellious side and become the evil, elegant and revenge-oriented Cruella ”, describes the film’s synopsis.

In addition to the trailer, Disney released a new production poster on their social networks.

Directed by Craig Gillespie, Cruella will open in theaters and Disney + on May 28, 2021. In the case of the streaming service, the film will be available for rental at Premier Access with an extra fee of R $ 69.90.


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