Cruella or Camilla? Prince Harry and Prince William Begged King Charles Not to Marry an “Evil Stepmother”


It’s no secret that Queen Consort Camilla caused the divorce of King Charles from the late Princess Diana. In an explosive interview with the BBC in 1995, the former Princess of Wales made the shocking statement that her marriage was too crowded because of the presence of three people at it. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is hostility between the current Queen Consort and royal brothers Prince Harry and Prince William.

Prince Harry touched on a sensitive topic in his memoir Spare. The Duke spoke frankly about the whole scandal and how it took him a lot of time and courage to accept the presence of Camilla Parker Bowles in his father’s life. The monarch married his sweetheart in April 2005 after a decades-long affair. However, he did not have the consent of the children, as they had bitter feelings for his wife. What conversation took place between the then Prince of Wales and the two royal brothers before the wedding of the first?

Prince Harry was worried about his stepmother

In his book, Prince Harry told how he and his brother were against the marriage of King Charles to a woman with whom he cheated on their mother. Although the princes expressed their disapproval, they said little as their father was adamant in his decision. Despite the differences, the Duke and Prince William wished their father all the best. They understood the king’s point of view, as he was finally going to marry the woman he had always loved.

“Despite the fact that Willie and I tried to persuade him not to do this, Dad went ahead. We shook his hand and wished him luck. No hard feelings,” the Sussex royal mentioned in the book according to excerpts obtained by Page Six.

In addition, Prince Harry reflected on his doubts about his relationship with the Queen Consort. Before the royal wedding, the younger prince was worried that his stepmother would appear in his life. He also wondered “if she would be like all the evil stepmothers in fairy tales.” Meanwhile, many royal experts have often stated that the royal family of Sussex will never be able to share a warm relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles.

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