Cruella: Emma Stone May Sue Disney for Movie Streaming


Cruella: Although the film Cruella, starring Emma Stone, achieved critical and public success, the same success was not felt at the box office. For the protagonist, the reason for the low audience of the work was the release of the film at the same time in theaters and streaming Disney+.

The hybrid launch model was the reason Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson sued Disney recently. Now Emma is considering doing the same. Cruel?

Disney released Cruella on May 28 simultaneously in theaters and on Disney+. To access the content, you had to have the Premier Access feature, at a cost of R$69.90.

The last major Disney production to make a double debut was Black Widow, which turned in solid numbers on its launch weekend even in times of pandemic. But success wasn’t enough to please the lead actress: Scarlett sued Disney, citing the release of Black Widow on Disney+ as a violation of her contract.

The actress’s concern was not for nothing: her salary depends on the film’s box office numbers, which she believes have been hurt by the Premier Access model. The information is from the former editor of the website The Hollywood Reporter, Matt Belloni.

“Emma Stone, star of Cruella, is weighing her options,” wrote Belloni. According to the journalist, actress Emily Blunt may also speak after the premiere of Jungle Cruise this weekend. Belloni called Disney “notoriously hard to handle” under these circumstances, adding that other creatives are waiting behind the scenes for someone else famous to come forward.

According to Belloni, Scarlett has overwhelming support from other artists. Disney’s lawyers, however, were quick to respond: the studio claims it complied with all the terms of the contract. The statement also states that the salary of the actress was not harmed by the release on Disney+, but, yes, it would have increased.

Now, it remains to be seen whether Emma, ​​who won the Oscar for best actress and won two more supporting supporting roles, will actually take a stand on Cruella in the coming weeks. If so, Premier Access could be in trouble.

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