Cruella: Emma Stone and Emma Thompson Reveal Details of New Film


Cruella: During a virtual conference to promote Disney’s Cruella, actresses Emma Stone and Emma Thompson, who play, respectively, Estella and Baroness von Hellman in the production, spoke more about the film and gave some interesting details about their characters.

Released this Friday (28) in theaters and simultaneously on Disney +, through the Premier Access feature, the film has been receiving good reviews from the public. According to Emma Stone, the final result positively surprised her due to its dramatic charge and the narrative tone imposed by filmmaker Craig Gillespie.

“There’s something about Cruella that is very attractive, because she just is who she is. She is in full acceptance and autonomy, so I was very interested in this world”, commented the actress. “She did some things that I think deep down I wouldn’t do if I were different. She’s a lot of fun,” she confessed.

Emma Thompson, on the other hand, had to build a completely new character who, in a way, is the film’s great antagonist. “I had a lot of fun doing it as I’ve been wondering for several years if I could be a real villain,” she said, adding that she liked the costumes of everyone in the production a lot.

“Every time Em [Emma Stone] and I would go on set, we would look at each other and walk around each other, like we were sculptures or works of art, which we really were,” she explained. “So, in a way, everyone created the Baroness, I just said the words,” joked the actress.

Cruella: Actresses comment on canine participation on film set

Although some sequences in the film seem to have been created with the resources of computer graphics, the actresses guarantee that it was all real. “None of that is CGI. It was all real,” Thompson emphasized, making clear the exception of a few dogs that appear in the film.

“A lot of the dogs were CG, but others weren’t and they were always on set,” Stone revealed. “There was a care for them to participate in the scenes and get comfortable,” she recalled.

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