Cruella: Brazilians Use XVideos To Pirate Disney + Film


Cruella: Disney released the Cruella movie directly on the Disney+ streaming service, but users currently have to pay an additional fee of R$69.90 to access the content. To escape the charge, some Brazilians pirated the feature using the adult content site XVideos.

According to TV News, a user uploaded the full movie to the adult movie platform. Disney managed to take down its production from the site, but the subject ended up becoming a meme on social networks.

Thanks to the repercussion, the name of the pornography site came to appear among the most talked about issues on Twitter this Monday morning (31). The subject generated jokes and also criticized the extra charge adopted by Disney in its streaming service for movie releases.

Starring Emma Stone, the film Cruella addresses the origin of the iconic animation villain 101 Dalmatians. In addition to being distributed with Disney+ Premier Access, the Craig Gillespie-directed production is also showing in some theaters.

Disney+ Movie Rentals

While Netflix releases its original films directly into its production catalog, Disney distributes some of its film productions as Disney+ add-on content through the Premier Access system.

Like Mulan’s live-action, Cruella is available for a limited time for a fee of R$69.90, but will be released to all platform subscribers on July 16th.

Following in Netflix’s footsteps, HBO Max, which will arrive in Brazil at the end of June, will also not have an extra charge for movies released in the cinema, but Brazilian users will have to deal with a waiting time. The platform will release large productions to all subscribers 35 days after the theater debut.

Warner’s platform will receive all studio releases that hit theaters in 2021. In addition, in Latin America, HBO Max will also include Champions League content.


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