Cruella 2: Emma Stone Closes Deal for New Disney Movie


Cruella fans can rest assured that actress Emma Stone (La La Land: Singing Seasons) has struck a deal to star in the sequel to the iconic Disney villain. The movie about the origin of the 101 Dalmatian villain was a huge hit in theaters and on the Disney+ streaming platform.

Information about a deal was released by the American website Deadline, which stated that the contract will be beneficial to the actress and Disney Studios.

Agreement information

Not much is known about the contract, just a few launch issues. In the deal by Cruella 2, there is coverage for premieres in theaters and on Disney+ (Premier Access). The studio action is welcomed by Patrick Whitesell, head of the Endeavor agency that deals with Emma’s career.

Whitesell commented that “this agreement demonstrates that there can be a fair path that protects artists and aligns studio interests with talent,” and concluded by saying, “we are proud to work with Emma and Disney and appreciate the studio’s willingness to recognize your contributions as a creative partner.”

Cruella’s success

Cruella was released both in theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access, telling the story of how the iconic villain came to be.

The film managed to be a success on the streaming platform and, on top of that, it earned good money at the box office of the big screen, earning U$S 222 million dollars around the world.

The film’s sequel still doesn’t have a date to start productions.