Cruel Summer: Why You Need To Watch The Teen Series of The Moment


Cruel Summer: Who doesn’t like a teen series with a lot of teen drama and intrigue, right? Well, not everyone actually. But some stories often appear to break the stereotype around productions in this genre. An example of this is the recent Amazon Prime Video release, Cruel Summer.

Why should you watch Cruel Summer?

Originally produced by the Freeform channel, the series takes place over three years: 1993, 1994 and 1995. In the plot, Kate, the most popular girl in a small town in Texas, disappears without a trace. At the same time, the then shy and excluded girl, Jeanette, who apparently has nothing to do with what happened, starts to take the place of the missing person. However, everything changes when Kate returns with information that could end the life of her “replacement”.

Cruel Summer: series will catch your attention

Starring Olivia Holt and Chiara Aurelia, in the roles of Kate and Jeanette, respectively, the series has a simple plot, but one that promises to captivate viewers from the first episode. Make no mistake, the story is not full of great events, but it is full of psychological “games”, a resource that was very well used throughout the ten episodes.

That’s because the production doesn’t make clear what the characters’ intentions are, making the spectator question himself all the time about what really happened and which one is lying. That’s why we’ve already warned you: you’re likely to change your mind with each episode.

The narrative departs from the conventional

Throughout the series, don’t expect the plot to be didactic. The production does not underestimate the viewer and alternates three phases of the story without any warning. The series uses shades of yellow, blue and gray to “mark” the three years and situate who is watching. The sudden change in the color palette completely changes the tone of the narrative, which, at first, can cause some confusion in the viewer.

But don’t worry, the transitions get clearer and clearer throughout the episodes and it’s by far one of the highest points in the narrative.

Teenage Characters, Adult Problems

At the beginning of each episode, you are warned that the series has scenes that can be considered sensitive and generate triggers, such as domestic violence. No wonder Kate is held captive (you can calm down, this information is revealed early on). The production also addresses other themes that can generate important reflections, such as abusive relationships and family conflicts, especially with narcissistic mothers.

Despite that, don’t forget that the plot follows teenagers. So, dilemmas of this age also come into play, such as the innocence — exaggerated — of first love and the desire to be popular with friends.

Even though it doesn’t have actors and actresses well-known to the public, the cast does the job and the highlight is, of course, in the production’s young core. Furthermore, it is worth remembering that the series, created by Jessica Biel (The Sinner) has already been renewed for the second season. The expectation is that it will be an anthology, considering that the ending did not leave any loose ends.

If you’ve watched Cruel Summer, let us know what you think here in the comments!


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