Crucible new game of Amazon free to play


His new game, Amazon Crucible, is available for download on Steam. The free game Crucible looks like a fun game and offers a successful game dynamics. The game that Amazon Games is already planning to release this year has been officially released on Steam. The game is among the third-person shooter games. The game can be a savior with its free offering for those who love Overwatch-style games.

Amazon Crucible is available for free
Amazon Crucible May 21, 2020 Turkey began to be listed after the clock 12. Since then many people have downloaded the game. Although the game’s review score is mixed, it is seen that there are nearly 3 thousand evaluations here.

The game comes with 10 different characters. You can choose one of these characters and play the game, not only a fight against human enemies, but also a fight against the Amazon Crucible and the creatures there.

Each character has character abilities, weapons and fighting abilities as in other armed games. The game also includes three game modes in the first place. The battle mode that enables opening up to the world is “Hives of Heart” as a battle mode where you play 4 to 4. In Alpha Hunters mode, eight teams of two fight against each other. In Harvester Command mode, the two teams in battle are fighting to activate the combine machines on the map.

Amazon Games also launched the first 8-week pre-season period for the game. In this process, it is aimed that the gamers will gain their game skills before Season 1 begins. The first players can use the 1,000 game credits they earn to use and purchase in-game items, and can purchase the Pre-Season Battle Pass for 950 Credits.

Of course, besides this, those who prefer RPG games, rather than these kinds of games are also considered. Amazon’s New World MMORPG game will be introduced at the event on August 25.


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