Crucible, Amazon’s shooter, ceases development


The team behind Crucible claims to have made the most difficult decision: to end its development. Amazon’s F2P shooter will say goodbye on November 9.

The team behind Crucible makes the most difficult decision: cease development. Through a statement on their official website, they allege that the information they have collected during the beta period has been sufficient reason to assess that their future would not have been healthy. “We appreciate the way our fans have encouraged us in our endeavors, and we loved seeing your feedback on the changes we have made in recent months, but in the end we didn’t see a healthy and sustainable future for Crucible,” they said.

In this way, workers will transition to Amazon Games “other upcoming projects”, including New World, the fantasy MMO. In the same message they indicate that they will make a full refund of any purchase made within the game.

If you are part of their community, you can participate in their farewell. “In a few weeks we will have a final session as a celebration with the community, both in-game and on our Discord. Later, we will disable the pairing ”, they explain. Of course, you can continue playing through custom games until the early hours of November 9, 2020.


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