The new art crossover shows that the main characters of Attack on Titan and Neon Genesis Evangelion merged into one personality, creating a formidable mech-titan. Both series explore the impact of war on the younger generations and the motives of human actions: Neon Genesis Evangelion is released from 1995 to 1996, and Attack on Titan begins in 2020. The third part of the last season of Attack on Titan will be released no earlier than 2023. but the manga ended in 2021.

Neon Genesis Evangelion tells the story of a teenager Shinji Ikari, who pilots a biomachine robot named Evangelion against creatures called Angels in futuristic Tokyo. In another war for humanity, “Attack of the Titans”, follows a teenager, Eren Yeager, who trains to fight humanoid titans who eat people and kill his mother, but turns out to be a titan himself and fights as a titan on the side of humanity. Both shows have gathered a large number of fans. Although Neon Genesis Evangelion has only had one season, “Attack of the Titans” is still causing a stir in the final part of its fourth season.

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The crossover from Seven Signs Art is a combination of Evangelion Ikari’s fur and Yeager’s titan form, creating a formidable enemy for any titan or angel. Evangelion puts Eren in armor on art with young Eren in front of the titan/Evangelion form, showing Eren’s transformation from a teenager into a warrior. The art creates a new mashup of already powerful creatures of war, making fans wonder how destructive one of the nine powers of the Titans will be in combination with a combat mechanical machine.

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The art is reminiscent of Shinji and Eren, who both decided to fight in the war at a young age and fight for humanity to survive. Already a weapon of war, young Eren goes further in his titan form with the shield of Evangelion and healing abilities, asking how this form will be able to resist Titans and angels. The image also features the titan “Evangelion” and the young Eren saluting as the research corps in “Attack of the Titans”, reflecting both characters’ dedication to humanity and their role as teenagers in the army.

The crossover has an interesting moment about young people at war, with the addition of a young Eren in front of his titan war machine, showing that a simple child controls the great weapon of war. Shinji and Eren both face huge personal losses and betrayal in the face of war, and both must learn to accept their actions and the consequences of fighting at a young age. The art also conjures up images of what the titan Evangelion will be like in battle, and the regenerative property of Evangelion makes the power of the titan Eren probably invincible. Although fans will never see the Titan Mecha in action, Art creates an interesting hypothetical weapon that will probably be able to prove itself in both shows.