Crosscode, an action RPG between two centuries


Crosscode comes to consoles after two years making PC users happy. The game of the Germans Radical Fish was possible at the time after a lot of effort and the help of crowdfunding.

Devised in 2012, in 2015 it got the final push from users who supported the project with their money. From there to a premiere in 2018, after several early accesses, which were received with open arms by the public and the specialized press, who agreed to praise the quality of the title. Did you meet the expectations of such a hard journey on your last console stop? Join us in the following Crosscode analysis to answer any questions.

Crosscode, an action RPG that moves between two centuries

Visually it does not take much to sell Crosscode to the most veteran of the place. Its action RPG look from the golden age of 16 bits enters the eyes from the first moment. Its fantastic and colorful pixelated graphics take us back to the days of Super Nintendo and Megadrive. But there is a second part of sensations that arises beyond the first contact. The characteristics of yesteryear are there, such as its charismatic characters, the villages, the merchants, the leveling up and the gradual increase in skills, the conversations with a multitude of NPCs, the final bosses … but the game feels modern in its rhythm , its narrative and, above all, its focus.

And it is that, although Crosscode is an offline game for a single player, it is exposed to us as if it were a MMORPG. This detail turns everything around. The main city becomes the typical meeting place for online games, many NPCs act as avatars of other players and as such communicate with us, the map is tremendously expansive and gives the impression of a whole coexisted in the line of an Azerot, for example. This means that a young player accustomed to the functioning of the persistent worlds will immediately feel at home, on the contrary, the player of a lifetime, the one who has come to Crosscode with the intention of recalling happy past times, will soon be You will be overwhelmed and confused by the basic idea.

This is important to note. In the long run, the classic player may find accommodation, but he will have to make an effort to do so by understanding what he is facing and changing the chip. The sooner you do it, the sooner you will start enjoying the Radical Fish proposal. So, at first, after a start that gives us a lot of information about the world and its characters, everything slows down suddenly. In the Action RPGs of yesteryear one thing led to another in an epic more or less linear story. Here you can give the impression that, suddenly, nothing is happening, that we are accepting a thousand side missions that do not advance the plot, that we are not going anywhere and that we do not have a clear objective. Accepting that we are facing an MMORPG will give us the keys to enjoyment. Here you have to fight a lot to level up, farm for a thousand and one places to complete orders for other characters. It is not wasting time, it serves to imbue us with the world and its rules. Don’t be afraid to move forward and forward across the map in any direction. Possibly you get to where the developers want, a cave, for example. Then you remember the legend that has been told to you, the elders, the objective to fulfill, and everything fits. You enter the bowels of the mountain prepared for what awaits you, with the level of your character well doped for any enemy that comes your way but … Is your mind equally prepared?

The Crosscode dungeons and puzzles. You better be good at playing pool

The hard core of the game lies in its puzzles. Dungeons are long and damn complex. When we get to them it is a joy to realize that the techniques that we have honed in combat serve much more than to bring down enemies. There are rooms that are a real headache. For example, our ability to bounce an energy ball in a room will be squeezed to the max when we have to touch all the pillars, which we have previously moved in every possible way. Very fine shots, invisible solutions that resist appearing in our minds already on the edge, tests and more tests that tell us no, that is not the way it is, that we continue testing. Crosscode itself is like the games of yesteryear in that sense, when, without the internet in which to look for solutions, we took a puzzle as impossible and obfuscatedly turned off the console. Days later, cooler, we were surprised to find the key that had been all the time under our noses.


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