Cross-progress makes sense for a new skate game


Skateboarding games have become popular again thanks to games such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2, which occupy the first places in the charts. Like the Tony Hawk franchise, Skate is a classic skateboarding series that has been lying low for several years, but is now ready to return. Armed with a rather unconventional marketing style, EA is determined to breathe new life into the series, even if it takes some time.

Gamers are slowly but surely getting information about Skate. Perhaps the most exciting news is that in addition to the fact that the game is free, there is cross-development in it. This will help gamers continue their progress no matter where they play, which will be extremely convenient for a free game with multiple platforms and an emphasis on style.

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The skate is back

Skate development is led by a new EA studio called Full Circle. The studio has already violated many past conventions with the upcoming game, and this is evident from Skate’s eccentric marketing style, which allowed gamers to see the game at the earliest stages, with all the accompanying failures. By registering on the site, gamers can also become the first testers. Although no release date has been announced yet, the unique pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha gameplay trailer lets gamers know that progress, no matter how slow it is, is there.

It also became known that Skate will be a free game, which is a noticeable change in the direction of the development of the series. Despite this, the game will also not be paid, and, as the developer announced during the live broadcast in July 2022, there will be no map areas blocked by paid access, and there will also be no loot boxes or advantages of paid gameplay. In addition, the game will have a cross-platform game, allowing friends from different game ecosystems to still play together. It will also include cross-progress, which means that players will be able to continue their Skate adventure on all their gaming platforms.

Skate and cross—progress is a union created in heaven

Skate will be available on most platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox and even mobile devices. Since the game is free, gamers will be able to download it to as many platforms as possible without buying it several times. Using cross-progress, gamers will also be able to develop their game wherever they are. This is especially useful with mobile ports that will allow gamers to continue playing on the go. It seems that the next Skate game aims to be as accessible as possible, and the developers are trying to create as few barriers for gamers as possible so that they can have fun. If the plan is executed correctly, Skate can become a success story illustrating how innovation can benefit both gamers and developers.

It looks like Skate is still a long way off, although progress is still being made. His new approach is welcome, as it allows players to decide how they want to experience the game, and does not build walls between friends on different platforms. Adding cross-progression is the icing on the cake, and it paints a good picture of the upcoming game.

Skate is currently in development for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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