Cross-platform support for Apex Legends comes to life


EA announced last summer that it would offer cross-platform support for Apex Legends. Finally, the date when this feature will be implemented has been determined. Cross-platform support will meet with players as part of the Aftermarket Collection Event on October 6, with a beta tag.

With cross-platform support, players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Origin, Steam and Nintendo Switch will be able to come together. Users will be able to search for usernames across platforms with the “Find Friends” tool and send friend requests.

Players will be able to see their friends and on which platform they are playing the game in a menu. In-game voice chat feature will also work across platforms.

Chad Grenier, game director of Apex Legends, said: “During the cross-platform beta test, please meet with your friends on all platforms, test the system and let us know where you think it needs improvement.”

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