Critics’ Choice Super Awards: Men featuring


The Critics Choice Super Awards 2020 took place on Sunday (10) and rewarded great successes in television, cinema, streaming and comics. The award, which this year was presented by actor and director Kevin Smith and actress Dani Fernandez, focuses on geeks’ favorite productions, with categories geared towards this universe.

This year, the big standout series was The Boys, from Amazon Prime Video. The series, which follows a group of vigilantes in search of putting certain egocentric superheroes on the line, took home four trophies. Other winning titles were the films Palm Springs (with Andy Samberg, from Brooklyn 99) and Soul, Pixar’s new animation – both of which took three statuettes.

The Boys
The Boys. (Amazon Prime Video / Playback)

Check out the full list of Critics Choice Super Awards 2020 winners.
Best Action Film
Posting Blood (Netflix)

Best actor in action film
Delroy Lindo – Detachment Blood (Netflix)

Best actress in action film
Betty Gilpin – The Hunt (Universal)

Best animated film
Soul (Disney +)

Best voice actor in animated film
Jamie Foxx – Soul (Disney +)

Best voice actress in animated film
Tina Fey – Soul (Disney +)

Best Superhero Movie
The Old Guard (Netflix)

Best actor in a superhero movie
Ewan McGregor – Birds of Prey (Warner Bros.)

Best actress in superhero film
Margot Robbie – Birds of Prey (Warner Bros.)

Best horror film
The Invisible Man (Universal)

Best actor in a horror film
Vince Vaughn – Freaky (Universal)


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