Criticism from Crypto Money Community to Pompliano


Bitcoin advocate and co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano, announced that he has launched a new early-stage venture fund, thereby transforming himself into a solo capitalist.

The initiative received mixed reactions from the crypto community. Some quickly congratulated Pompliano on his new venture, while others said the fund was “too old” and “unavailable”.

“Another Team” charge

The new fund will invest in technology companies at an early stage. Pompliano claims it will provide access to the venture capital asset class for every accredited investor, not just large corporations. This is clearly enough for cryptocurrency members who criticize the fund for ignoring “little fish” and not accepting cryptocurrencies. The community is currently accusing Pomp of going to another team.

However, Pompliano says he can do a lot in the current regulatory environment, but this is a step towards decentralization:

“We may not be able to decentralize the world yet, but the flowing funds are bringing us one step closer to the ultimate goal.”

Pomp’s fund is currently unable to accept Bitcoin or altcoins, but is hopeful that “something could be solved” in the future.

Future Plans

Pompliano does not part ways with Marko Yusko, founder of Morgan Creek Digital, and states that Marko Yusko will continue to fulfill his responsibilities in the crypto-focused hedge fund supported by Morgan Creek Capital.

“Our team has succeeded in establishing one of the few elite firms that rose 9 positions in capital and became the first asset management firm in the United States to manage digital assets on behalf of public pension funds. I am incredibly proud of what we do and foresee continued success in the future. ”

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Pomp also does not plan to give up the digital media business that he has been successful in by promising to create more content.


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