Critical Year For Wireless Charging Stations Of Electric Cars May Be 2020


The most important trend in the automotive industry in recent years is electric cars, as is known. Due to the new development of this technology, world-wide standards have not been established yet, but wireless charging stations are seen as an opportunity to set standards. Automakers state that the critical year for wireless charging stations is 2020.

The charging of the smartphones used today with 5 V voltage as standard provides a great convenience for users. You can charge your phone with a different charger even if you don’t have an adapter with you anywhere. To achieve this, it is the standard that smart phone manufacturers meet.

Cars, such as smartphones, can also end up on the go, while mobile devices and electric cars are on the move. Therefore, the spread of electric charging stations is very important. At this point, it is necessary to touch upon the standards we have just mentioned. Car manufacturers can use different voltage values ​​to offer ‘fast charging’ technology in the batteries they put in their electric cars. This means that you cannot charge a Tesla vehicle at the BMW charging station.

Wireless charging technology can standardize electric cars:
If the wireless charging technology to be developed for cars has a single standard, drivers can easily face the phones. We’ve seen many wireless charging station trials before, but they haven’t reached the level to become widespread yet. According to CNET’s report, automakers think the right time has come for this technology.

This system, which is based on ‘the car starts to charge when it is parked on a wireless charger’, will not only bring the standards for electric cars, but it will also make it very easy to charge the vehicles. It is stated that while the work of the organization named Society of Automotive Engineers is ongoing, a standard named SAE J2954 is being developed.

The critical year for the introduction of wireless charging technology is considered to be 2020. Of course, there is a possibility that this may not happen, but the widespread use of electric cars can pave the way for wireless charging technology. If we consider that domestic cars produced by TOGG are also electric, we can see wireless charging stations in our country in the future.


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