Critical warning for iPhone 12 and MagSafe from Apple!


The power adapter MagSafe produced by Apple has attracted attention. This accessory, which was designed to work in harmony with the cases prepared for the iPhone 12, was said to have a magnetic structure.

These cases, which are said to accompany iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro users, will not be released until November 6, 2020. Someone who experienced a case with MagSafe claimed that MagSafe is not suitable for both leather products and silicone cases.

Apple warns of MagSafe named power adapter: danger of trace!

In the relevant photo released by the claimant, there is a circle mark on Apple’s silicone-based cover. In this context, covers made of other raw materials (especially leather) can also be damaged by MagSafe.

Apple has told users about the products that shouldn’t be between MagSafe and the iPhone 12. According to this company, which has been operating for 44 years, items such as credit cards, security badges, passports and key fobs should never come into contact with these two devices.

Apple MagSafe güç adaptörü

Apple has stated that an iPhone may experience overheating (if the charge percentage is at least 80 percent) when charging with MagSafe. If a user tries to charge their iPhone via both wired charging and MagSafe, MagSafe will be suddenly disabled.

You should clean this accessory, which allows wireless charging, with a low moisture and lint-free cloth. You should not use window cleaning sprays, chemical solvents, ammonia solutions, and other cleaners containing hydrogen peroxide to clean MagSafe.

Apple MagSafe

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