Critical this week for these 94 Altcoins: Here’s what’s going on!


As we enter a new week, altcoin investors’ eyes are on what will happen this week. The following list includes developments in altcoin projects between April 25 and May 1. As it is not a stagnant day in the crypto money field, and this week is the last week of April, we also discussed the developments that various projects have/will realize throughout April. Here are the details…

This week all eyes are on these altcoin projects

ETNA Network (ETNA) is launching DeBank V2.0 beta.

Parex lists Pitbull (PIT) with USDT pair at TSI 20.

AME Chain (AME) announced that 400 million AMEs will be burned.

Klever (KLV) announced the start of the pre-staking contract.

Seedon (SEON) has announced the launch of SeedOn Finance.

Huobi Global lists dotmoovs (MOOV) with USDT pair.

Tenset (10SET) will hold the TGLP pre-sale of Fame MMA.

KuCoin lists Celer Network (CELR) at 11 CET with USDT pair.

Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) and Oasis Network (ROSE) are holding a question and answer event on Telegram at 15:00.

KuCoin lists the altcoin Orbitau Taureum (TAUM) with USDT pair at 12 CET.

SparkPoint (SRK) has announced new UX/UI for SparkRewards.

SUBX Finance LAB (SFX) launches platform V1.

MEXC Global listed Bobcoin (BOBC) with USDT pair.

MEXC Global lists Degis (DEG).

MEXC Global lists Ripio Coin (RPC) at 11 CEST with USDT pair.

KuCoin lists Aurora (AURORA) with USDT pair at 13 CEST.

Covalent (CQT) will perform a broadcast with Moonbeam (GLMR).

BitMart lists Elk Finance (ELK) with USDT pair.

KuCoin lists ITAM CUBE (ITAMCUBE) with USDT pair at 11 ET.

BKEX lists Hot Cross (HOTCROSS) with USDT pair.

Fabwelt (WELT) will hold a question and answer event with the community today.

Syscoin (SYS) will hold a question and answer event with the Decentralized Club.

BitBNS lists Trace Network Labs (TRACE) with USDT pair.

RMRK (RMRK) will hold a broadcast today featuring various artists.

Tomorrow, April 26, 2022, Mines of Dalarnia (DAR) is launching its mainnet.

Harmony (ONE) will hold a panel tomorrow in Ghana.

BitGlobal lists Abyss (ABYSS) with USDT pair tomorrow.

Qtum (QTUM) will hold a question and answer event with Guarda Wallet tomorrow.

Gala (GALA) will hold a question and answer event with Endless AI tomorrow.

Everdome (DOME) will launch its NFT awards tier website tomorrow.

Secret (SCRT) will broadcast on Twitter Spaces.

BitMart will list the altcoin Tune.FM (JAM) tomorrow at 22 CET.

EverRise will make an announcement on Twitter Spaces and Youtube at 21 CET tomorrow.

Kommunitas (KOM) will hold its Creo Engine IKO tomorrow morning.

Crabada (CRA) will launch its new features tomorrow.

mStable USD (MUSD) will hold a question and answer event with Zyield Finance.

Akash Network (AKT) will perform a network update.

Machine Xchange Coin (MXC) will hold a question and answer event on Discord.

Lyra Finance (LYRA) and Synthetix Network Token (SNX) will be broadcasting via Twitter Spaces.

Trustswap (SWAP) will participate in a Q&A event on Telegram with the ECORISE team.

BitMart lists Seek Tiger (STI) with USDT pair at TSI 18.

BitMart lists Vita Inu (VINU) with USDT pair on April 27.

On April 27, Secret (SCRT) is rolling out the Shockwave Alpha update.

DEXA COIN (DEXA) is launching the new version of its app on Wednesday.

Everdome (DOME) will take a snapshot of the leaders in terms of staking on Wednesday.

Harmony (ONE) will meet on April 27 in Los Angeles.

BitMart lists Metaverse VR (MEVR) on April 27.

Avalaunch (XAVA) will hold the Snail Trail IDO on Wednesday.

Syscoin (SYS) will launch Pegasys staking and farming on April 27.

BitMart will list Crogecoin (CROGE) on April 27.

Songbird (SGB) will host a broadcast for the Flare community on Wednesday.

Covalent (CQT) will be broadcasting with Chorus One as part of the partnership series.

Babylons (BABI) will hold its Creo-Engine IDO on April 27.

Constellation (DAG) will hold a meeting on April 27 where developments in the ecosystem will be discussed.

DSLA Protocol (DSLA) is releasing the Avax Subnet launchpad.

Theta Network (THETA) will hold a question and answer event on April 28.

0xPAD (0XPAD) will perform the Bancc.Finance IDO.

LBank will list CoinViewCap (CVC) with USDT pair on April 28.

VVS Finance (VVS) will hold its ARGO IDO on April 28.

Zap (ZAP) will launch the ZapOracles mainnet.

Trava Finance (TRAVA) will launch a new auction mechanism on April 28.

Rentible (RNB) will hold a question and answer event on Telegram.

On April 28, the Polka DeFiance 2022 conference will take place online.

Klaytn (KLAY) and Marblex (MBX) will hold a question and answer event on April 28.

NEXO (NEXO) will hold a question and answer event on April 28.

Ownly (OWN) will update Mustachio Quest.

Victoria VR (VR) will hold a question and answer event.

Kommunitas (KOM) will hold the Zone of Avoidance IKO on April 28.

Kounotori (KTO) will release its new whitepaper on April 29.

Tenset (10SET) will publicly launch TGLP.

Kounotori (KTO) will launch its new website on April 29.

Covalent (CQT) will broadcast with Connext Network as part of its partner series.

Reserve Rights Token (RSR) will launch the mainnet.

Eroverse (ERO) will release a play-to-earn game for adults on or before April 30.

Gamium (GMM) will burn 500 million GMMs on April 30.

Kava (KAVA) will launch the MINT token on or before April 30th.

Astar (ASTAR) announced that at least 15 new projects will be launched on its network during April.

Kava (KAVA) announced the launch of the Kava Foundation.

Sologenic (SOLO) will hold its fifth Coreum Snapshot on or before April 30th.

Secret (SCRT) is launching its “Data Vault” dApp.

Rebel Bots (RBLS) is launching a new marketplace.

The Outer Ring (GQ) is launching its own DEX.

Myteamcoin (NYC) will burn 100 million MYC.

Splinterlands (SPS) is ending its private sale distribution.

Horizon Protocol (HZN) is launching the DEX mainnet.

SW DAO (SWD) is launching Polygon dApp 2.0.

SparkPoint is implementing the SparkDeFi integration on April 30.

Samoyedcoin (SAMO) announced the burn of 500 million SAMO.

MXC (MXC) will publish a report for the mining testnet.

Fabwelt (WELT) is launching the Arsenal desktop beta.

Peculium (PCL) is performing its monthly token burning.

Rainicorn (RAINI) launches PHOTON.

Subme (SUB) will carry out its token burning on May 1.

On May 1st, Ergopad (ERGOPAD) will hold the Ergogames IDO.