Critical security update coming to Google Drive


Google is introducing a new security feature to its cloud storage service Drive. Google Drive aims to make file sharing with team members of your organization much easier with the new update it will receive.

Drive will help administrators keep organizational data secure, while also allowing users to define specific audiences to link and share their files to facilitate file sharing with the right colleagues.

The feature has undergone two important changes during the Beta process

This feature was first released in beta in August last year. Since then, Google has made two important changes based on user feedback.

The search giant increased the maximum number of audiences a user could recommend from three to five and enabled administrators to add any group as a target audience, including groups from different organizations.

The new feature will not only help improve security, it will also save Google Drive users time by reducing the need to manage sharing requests from multiple people.

Previously, administrators could choose to allow users to connect files to their entire domain or anyone with the link in Google Drive.

Now, with target audiences, administrators will be able to define and recommend more detailed link sharing options for users in their organizations. This change is thought to help improve security vulnerability in businesses using Drive by making it difficult to share information with users outside of their organization.

To enable this feature, administrators need to go to the Admin console, go to the Director, click Target Audiences and find the target audience settings of Drive. Here, target audiences can be assigned at group or OU level.

Finally, let’s say that this feature, which is new to Google Drive, is only available to paid Google Workspace users.


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