The critical level in Bitcoin is $ 9070: possibilities in Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple


BTCUSD, which tested the 9500 level with the positive weather in the financial markets last week, started the new week with a slight decline. Bitcoin, which is generally in the negative pricing of COVID-19, continues its withdrawal movement more limited than altcoins, especially with the effect of the upcoming halving. Especially the increase of Bitcoin hashrate shows that too many Bitcoin miners are willing to produce in the recent period.

Bitcoin, which continued its negative pricing as of the beginning of the week, started this morning with approximately 5% premium, but gave some of its earnings again towards the end of the day. We must follow the 9070 resistance level immediately. With this level exceeded, we can see pricing in the 9500-10500 band range again. However, staying below 9070 can trigger retreats again. We anticipate that the withdrawal movement may be possible up to the level of 8100.

Resistance Levels: 9070 – 9860 – 10626 – 11000
Support Levels: 8107 – 7700 – 7328 – 6970

Ethereum: ETH / USD

Even though we are entering a week with positive news for Ethereum, we see a sales weight table in all altcoins, primarily Ethereum, due to the fact that investors prefer Bitcoin. As of this morning, ETHUSD, which has been premiums around 5%, regained all this gain and turned into approximately 1% depreciation towards the end of the day. For cryptocurrencies that cannot exceed 215 resistance levels, 191 support is critical. The range 215-191 also corresponds to the lower and upper channels of the rising band. Based on this, we can say that the cryptocurrency will go out of the channel with the breaking of these levels. It is worth noting that for possible withdrawals towards the 191 level, there may be purchases from this level.

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Resistance Levels: 215 – 253 – 268 – 288
Support Levels: 191 – 172 – 153 – 138

Litecoin: LTC / USD

LTCUSD, another cryptocurrency that started the week with decreases, continues the week with more depreciation than other Bitcoins. Testing the channel subband, LTCUSD can move back to the 50 level with purchases from this level. If it breaks the duct subband, it is possible to test 43.90 support. This level of support is critical for the continuation of downward mobility. With daily closures below this level, a retreat to level 39 may occur. In this context, being permanent on the channel subband will be a serious supporter of the upward trend.

Resistance Levels: 49 – 57 – 61 – 66
Support Levels: 43 – 39 – 36 – 32

Ripple: XRP / USD

Continuing its withdrawal movement after testing 0.23 resistance, which is a very critical level, XRPUSD continues to test the 0.217 support level we have mentioned in our bulletins. With possible purchases from this region, movements towards 0.23 resistance can be seen again. This level needs to be followed immediately. With the downward break of this level, we can see pricing towards the lower band of the bullish channel in the cryptocurrency. With the lower band not breaking and voluminous purchases from this level come, we can see the continuation of the upward trend. However, there may be serious sales with the lower band breaking and the 0.197 support breaking. As a result, 0.173 support can be tested.

Resistance Levels: 0.2305 – 0.2440 – 0.2607 – 0.2876
Support Levels: 0.2171 – 0.1979 – 0.1735 – 0.1424


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