Critical hours have begun for Bitcoin: 5 analysts have shared levels!


We are leaving behind a week when Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market value, reached levels not seen since the beginning of March, rising to $45,000. Many analysts believe that weekly closures are important for BTC to continue its journey above certain levels. So, what were your thoughts on the last weekend of March? Here are the comments of five analysts…

Bitcoin’s Weekly Close Is Almost Here: what do analysts say?

First of all, JrKripto, followed by 154,000 people, points to $45,500 and $46,200 as strong resistance levels in Bitcoin. The analyst notes that bitcoin usually makes significant price jumps over the weekend, and if the price exceeds $45,500-$46,200, the first target is $52,300; he states that if it is not exceeded, the target will be $41,600.

On the other hand, a newcomer known as an “altcoin novice” with almost 290,000 subscribers says he tried to break Bitcoin’s $45,000 resistance for the third time. As we reported on Somanews, BTC approached $45,000 this week. Thinking that the liquidity zone for BTC on the weekly chart is at $52,000, the Newcomer declares that “this time the resistance will be broken and the target will be at $ 52,000.”

Is the “Finale” approaching?

Paradotor (Enes Turan), who has about 750 thousand subscribers, talked about five different resistances for Bitcoin: 41 600, 43 600, 45 400, 53 000 and $57,000. The analyst points out that $41,600 is exceeded among them, and says that if $43,600 and $45,400 are exceeded in the weekly perspective, it is possible to check $53,000 and $57,000, which he describes as “the two strongest resistances.” will arise. The analyst ends his comment with the words “the final is coming.”

In a recent tweet, Bozokcoin (bozok6) drew attention to the range of $43,800 and $45,500 for BTC and said: “The level they want to close weekly is above 43800… so our range of ranges is 43800-45500…”. Erhan Yunal, followed by 420 thousand people, shared the picture below, saying: “In the final we will be where we want, the patient will win”: