Criterion’s Need for Speed Could Arrive In September Or October 2022


Need for Speed: EA announced a new Need for Speed ​​by Criterion some time ago, and this year it looks like we’ll finally get the game’s release sometime in September or October, rumor has it. Unfortunately, the information is not yet official, but it comes from a source with a good history of hits with the producer’s games.

Tom Henderson’s tweet is interesting not only because it establishes a release window for the new game in the Need for Speed ​​series, but also because it raises a possible explanation for the delay. According to him, the game’s development needed to be “paused” for a while for Criterion to be able to help with Battlefield 2042 – something that appeared in the form of rumors even last year, before the game’s debut.

Criterion’s help wasn’t enough for the launch of Battlefield 2042 to arrive the way its players wanted, but it looks like the developers have now been able to turn their attention to the next Need for Speed.

The latest release of the game was a remaster of Hot Pursuit, which arrived in 2020. Before it, the last original title for the series was Need for Speed ​​Heat, which arrived the year before, in 2019.

Hot Pursuit Remastered has a Metacritic average of 77 on Xbox and 75 on PS4. Meanwhile, Heat scored 72 on PS4. The last Need for Speed ​​to reach 80 points was 2013’s Rivals.