Cristina Yang, the most tragic character of Sandra Oh


Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) constantly struggled and found it difficult to balance her work with her love life on Grey’s Anatomy, so much so that at times, viewers forget that she has faced as much tragedy as Meredith.


Cristina was clear that she did not want to have a baby. This was understandable, but her fate on Grey’s Anatomy seemed to interfere with her wishes all the time due to the fact that she occurred twice, once with Preston Burke and once with Owen although in both she miscarried.

Although when she was with Owen her abortion put great stress on her marriage as Owen cheated on her later. She may act cold, but these two events affected Cristina Yang deeply on Grey’s Anatomy.


Cristina did a lot of annoying things like dismissing Burke’s beliefs or sleeping during sex. She even she refused to wear the engagement ring that she gave him. It’s accurate to conclude that they were both bad for each other on Grey’s Anatomy.

She was used by Dr. Parker

Cristina’s bad luck on Grey’s Anatomy with men continued when she began sleeping with Dr. Parker. The two were intimate a couple of times. It was all casual for both of them as they only did it because they missed sex.

Given how much Cristina feared commitments, she was enjoying this new arrangement. Sadly, she found out that Parker was only using her as a weapon in her enmity with Dr. Thomas on Grey’s Anatomy.


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