Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner shows off on Instagram


The beautiful model and partner of Cristiano Ronald, Georgina Rodríguez, delighted Instagram with a photo session in which she showed too much, as it was evident that she was not wearing anything under her beautiful coat

¡Sin nada abajo!, pareja de Cristiano Ronaldo se luce en Instagram(AFP)

The beautiful couple of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo did it again, as Georgina Rodríguez drove her followers crazy on Instagram with a series of photographs in which she looks really spectacular and a small detail jumped into view, there was not one very important garment under her beautiful gray coat.

The beautiful model, who has had a daughter next to Cristiano Ronaldo, has shown that being a mother is not an obstacle to looking spectacular and beautiful and to show these photographs.

The image of Georgina Rodríguez that caused the most stir on her official Instagram account is the first; In that photograph, the beautiful model posed in the most professional fashion with a rather thick coat, but which ended up being the most flirtatious because it revealed part of the nude-colored bra of the famous beautiful woman and made it clear that she was not wearing more clothes underneath, this for the pronounced slit that ran up her leg.

The model stood on tiptoe with white tennis shoes, which was the only thing that complemented this spectacular outfit.

In the other three photographs, you can see Georgina Rodríguez with a more business style, with a beautiful dress and a close-up of her beautiful face.

The publication was made three days ago on the official Instagram account of the football star’s partner and exceeded one and a half million reactions on the famous social network. Georgina Rodríguez accompanied the images with a simple heart, but her comment box was filled with compliments, hearts and more.

The beautiful 26-year-old Argentine has shone with her own light for her career as a professional model; despite her enormous fame for being the partner of Cristiano Ronaldo and procreating one of her 4 children, Alana Martina.

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Much has been said about the soccer player wanting to have 7 children, since she believes in numerology; But what surprises many is that Ronaldo has resorted to a surrogate to bring three of his children into the world.

According to some media, both Cristiano Ronaldo Jr and his little brothers, the twins Mateo and Eva María were born thanks to this wonderful method.

There are those who assure that when the soccer player spoke about his first son and his arrival in this world, he shared that he chose the mother of his first-born in a catalog. Why Cristiano Ronaldo prefers this method to the conventional way is still a mystery, but some specialists assure that it is due to something psychological.

The scorer has shown that family is very important to him and a relevant pillar in his life is his mother. As it became known, he ended his relationship with supermodel Irina Shayk for this reason. It is said that Irina questioned him about how often he was with his mother and shared important moments and decided to ask him to choose between her or his mother, to which indeed, the player chose his mother.

Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo became a trend after revealing that he tested positive for Covid-19; something that truncated his next work plans.

The soccer star’s supporters were extremely concerned about CR7, but fortunately, the footballer did not show symptoms of the virus.

Another aspect that worried the followers of his team was that shortly before being diagnosed with the virus, he himself shared that he had had a meal with his teammates in which apparently no healthy distance measures were taken.


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