Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother was victim of a stroke


Football star Cristiano Ronaldo is at its worst: his mother Dolores has had a stroke! We tell you more. Cristiano Ronaldo is worried: his mother has suffered a stroke.

Juventus striker worries about his mother . Indeed this one was victim of a stroke this Tuesday March 3. The 65-year-old woman was then transported to hospital in Portugal.

A month of March which started very badly for Cristiano Ronaldo . Her mother Dolores Aveiro, suffered a stroke . According to the Record site, the mother of the footballer is still not in great danger.

More fear than harm for Cristiano Ronaldo ! Besides, the latter is very close to his mother. We then understand his concern. Even if this one seems out of the woods, it still has to undergo some tests.

Little fright for the family of CR7. But this is not the first time that Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother has fought for his health. In fact, at the beginning of last year, she announced that she was suffering from breast cancer again. She had courageously managed to overcome the disease the first time, there are 10. At the time, the footballer had donated 100,000 euros to the establishment that had saved her mother.

One of his friends told the Daily Mail that “Cristiano will be forever grateful to the doctors and nurses who saved his mother’s life. ” He added: He wanted to show them how much he appreciated what they did for him. He knows how devastating cancer can be for the patient and their family, and he wanted to do something to alleviate some of this suffering. ”

Today Cristiano Ronaldo is still in Turin. He has to play the semi-final return of the Italian Cup with his team of Juventus. He and his teammates welcome AC Milan this Wednesday, March 4 .


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