Cristiano Ronaldo will not be penalized by Juventus!


After his early exit against AC Milan, Cristiano Ronaldo made his own. Frustrated at not having scored in the clash between Juventus and AC Milan, he left the stadium even before the end of the match. He will not have any sanctions.

Sunday, November 10, Juventus faced the rossoneri as part of a meeting of the Italian championship. A duel between two Italian sports institutions. Because if after the match, AC Milan is fourteenth, it is nonetheless a transalpine club with a strong identity. Juventus remain first in their league and had to consolidate this first place. Cristiano Ronaldo was therefore expected.

But all has not happened for the best for Portuguese. Worn of balloons, he had a lot of trouble in a kind of match that he often splashes his talent. Even worse, his coach Maurizio Sarri replaced him in the 55th minute. A paying choice since it is Dybala, returned to the place of Cristiano Ronaldo who scored the winning goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo did a lot of talking when he left the stadium before the end of the match. A controversy that his coach wanted to calm down in a press conference. “I see all this madness around that, but he has a problem with his knee. I have no problem with Cristiano. Besides, I thank him for playing when he was not in condition. ”

According to Gaztta dello Sport, a transalpine daily, Juventus would have chosen to protect its player. Cristiano Ronaldo will not have a fine. A malignant management of the Italian club who wishes to preserve his player in an ideal state of mind at the dawn of a series of important games.

A strategy well thought out by Juventus. The mood of such a player is important for the whole team.