Cristiano Ronaldo tests positive for Covid-19


They confirm his contagion, Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive in his medical tests to detect v1rus, the Portuguese football federation reported on Tuesday

Confirman su contagio, Cristiano Ronaldo dio positivo en su prueba(AP)

The Portuguese soccer federation was in charge of confirming the situation, in which it said that Cristiano Ronaldo, its star striker, was fine and did not present symptoms, but that he did test positive, however, they did not report when he tested positive.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner played a 0-0 draw against France in the UEFA Nations League on Sunday, as well as a 0-0 friendly against Spain last week. It could be that he was already being a carrier so it is important that this news reaches those involved.

Cristiano is serving his necessary quarantine and was ruled out for the Nations League game against Sweden on Wednesday, a situation that has saddened his loyal fans, although they know and respect that he has to take these precautions, hoping that he will recover soon.

On Monday, the Juventus forward released a photo on Twitter in which he appears with the rest of the Portuguese squad sharing a meal, this situation caused quite an impression, as the players were very close to each other at the table, with Cristiano drinking the photo, so if you were a carrier, it is likely that more than one has been infected.

And to finish it, the famous Cristiano Ronaldo, who does it with innocence and being super positive, wrote in Portuguese: “United on and off the pitch!”

The federation reported that Cristiano’s positive lead to another round of tests for the rest of the Portuguese squad. He pointed out that they all tested negative, fortunately, so it remains a mystery how they can be in contact and so close without being infected.

The team planned to train on Tuesday before the game against Sweden in Lisbon, although it has not been confirmed whether they will train today or until tomorrow. Portugal and France lead Group 3 with seven points each after three games, although without their star forward we will see how they do.

The Portuguese federation did not detail where Cristiano was in isolation, and for how long he will be.

The 35-year-old footballer will miss Juventus’ visit to Crotone for Serie A on Saturday, as well as his club’s Champions League debut at Dynamo Kyiv’s fiefdom next Tuesday. And depending on his evolution and the results of subsequent tests, he could also miss the highly anticipated game against Barcelona on October 28.

Juventus has maintained an isolation after the positives of two club employees. Some controversy was generated when Cristiano and six other players were allowed to leave isolation to fulfill calls with their national teams.

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