Cristiano Ronaldo set to set a new record?


Cristiano Ronaldo goes on the hunt! The Portuguese is aiming for a new record, the one Ali Daei has held since the early 2000s …

Even at 35, Cristiano Ronaldo does not let go! The Portuguese indeed continues his hunt for records… And Ali Daei’s has been holding for more than fifteen years could soon fall!


Because an image surprises yesterday. With Portugal already leading 2-0 against the modest side of Andorra, CR7 steps in and gives everything. Even more surprisingly, he does not celebrate a Portuguese goal.

It must also be said that a defender scores his own side just in front of him… Certainly, Portugal have just scored. But Cristiano Ronaldo sees one goal fly away: his 102nd overall. He will still end up scoring him with his head …

But against a smaller team, the forward has goals. Indeed, he is chasing Ali Daei’s record. Iranian international of the years 1990-2000, the striker still holds a last record …

That of the number of goals scored in the selection! Cristiano Ronaldo is still seven units behind, but intends to overtake him … The striker is therefore giving everything he has to secure this first place internationally!


CR7 is therefore still missing eight goals to get this first place… And a first place which could last for a long time. Because Leo Messi, second active player in the standings, is far away …

He has indeed 31 goals behind in the selection on Cristiano Ronaldo! While Messi’s career is unlikely to last much longer than that of his rival, CR7 can therefore see it coming …

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It is therefore necessary to count on a young person to come and seek the Portuguese. But all of them seem very far away! Even Kylian Mbappé has only 16 goals for the France team … A far cry from the 102 scored by the Portuguese.

Seven more goals, then, and Cristiano Ronaldo will go down in history a little more … He could blame himself for this record against France on the 14th, or against Croatia on the 17th!


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