Cristiano Ronaldo returns to training with Juventus


Cristiano Ronaldo finds the grounds! Serie A should resume: the Portuguese therefore has his first training in two months!

Cristiano Ronaldo will therefore replay before the end of the season! We thought the championship stopped, but the Portuguese have already returned to training … We therefore await the next goalscorer matches!

The covid-19 seems almost behind … Football therefore regains its rights in Italy! Juventus Turin thus resumes its routine from this morning. A man therefore seemed eagerly awaited: CR7.

Because the attacker with the four golden balls experienced a complicated confinement. Back in Portugal to take care of his mother, victim of a heart attack, Cristiano Ronaldo did not give up …

But at 35, the player seems closer to the end than the start of his career. We could therefore worry about seeing the Portuguese let his last great season pass … So it will not happen!

Italy is very keen on its championship , matches should therefore resume, as in Germany. We can therefore see Cristiano Ronaldo stack the chain goals. He had started the season so well …

With 23 goals since the start of the season , he seemed ready for another record-breaking year. But the Covid-19 goes through there. He does everything to keep in shape and often publish reassuring photos.

His abs, thighs and chest are fine, thank you for them: Cristiano Ronaldo still has a physique ready for battle ! We are therefore delighted to find the striker in training , this Tuesday …

The final date for the resumption of Serie A remains to be known. The league was hoping for the first goals for June 13 , but that should not happen… Meanwhile, Juve are training without knowing their future schedule.

One thing seems certain: Cristiano Ronaldo is ready . Sharp, he even opened his fitness training site . It is now a question of putting all our efforts for a new great season… And why not for a new golden ball?


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