Cristiano Ronaldo quarantined due to Coronavirus


Cristiano Ronaldo was quarantined for suspected virus.
Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo, who played in Italy’s Juventus team, did not return to Italy, staying at his mother’s house on Madeira Island, where he went for a visit after his new friend coronavirus (Covid-19) appeared on his teammate Daniele Rugani.

After Juventus played on March 8 and beat Inter 2-0, Ronaldo went to Madeira Island in the southwest of Portugal to visit his mother and stayed at his mother’s house because of the coronavirus.

“Cristiano Ronaldo did not attend the training and continues to stay in Madeira, where he expects developments regarding his health,” said the Juventus Club, who made a statement on the social media account. used expressions.

Ronaldo, who is trying to get special permission to return to Turin due to the decision of the Portuguese government to stop the flights to Italy to prevent the coronavirus, is expected to stay in Madeira for a few more days after he received the news that his team-mate Daniele Rugani has detected coronavirus.

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