Cristiano Ronaldo offered Eric den Haag an unexpected olive branch


Eric ten Haag insists Cristiano Ronaldo is still playing an important role at Manchester United this season.

Earlier, the coach confirmed that Ronaldo refused to come on as a substitute during United’s 2-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur.

He also confirmed that the legendary scorer will not play against Chelsea and is currently training alone because of his actions.

However, Ten Hag also insisted that the striker remained an “important part” of his team.

As for Ronaldo, that seems to have left the door open for him to play again before he travels with Portugal to the Qatar World Cup in November.

It doesn’t look like it will be a first-choice player outside of the Europa League.

However, Ronaldo may still have a chance to add to his only goal this season as he prepares for his international exploits.

His poor form caused concern in his home country as he feared he would arrive in Qatar, where he sorely lacks match sharpness or form.

Given the opportunity to replenish his account at Old Trafford, he can still hope for a decent preparation for what will undoubtedly become his swan song at an international tournament.

As for Manchester United, the club has few reliable strikers.

Anthony Martial has struggled with injuries and he has no other cover besides Marcus Rashford.

Rashford has played a good central role, but often prefers to play on the left flank.

However, during the game against Tottenham on Wednesday, he definitely felt like a more natural center forward.

However, Ten Hag most likely did not see the point in ostracizing a player with his attacking capabilities in the form in which they are.

Ronaldo needs to improve his professionalism if he wants to get a significant number of opportunities to stay fit.


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