Cristiano Ronaldo does not want to go to PSG regardless of his salary!


As it is April 1, PSG fans who dream of seeing Cristiano Ronaldo playing under the club’s colors may still have hope. Indeed, perhaps it is a simple joke but the player would not be interested in a future transfer to the capital.

According to our colleagues at Foot365, the Juventus Turin star is expensive for the Italian club, given the situation we are living with the Covid-19. That’s why, the Old Lady may separate from her favorite player next summer.

By learning this information, how not to think of PSG who could get hold of the fivefold Ballon d’Or. Especially since it’s been several years since the name of Cristiano Ronaldo is mentioned at each transfer window.

This year would therefore be a good one for the last champions of France. It remains to be seen whether the principal concerned agrees with this.

It’s precisely on this point that it blocks. In fact, according to Marca, Cristiano Ronaldo would not want to go to Paris, no matter the salary.

In reality, it is not the history of the club or its bad luck in the Champions League that is holding the Portuguese back. No, if the Juventus player does not want to play under the Parisian colors, it is because he has another idea in mind, much more understandable.

Namely, to return to the club that saw it explode and win its first titles: Manchester United. Indeed, it was at the Red Devils that Cristiano Ronaldo really revealed himself to the public.

This is why, if he were to leave Juve this summer, it would be to go “home” that the star would leave. It remains to be seen whether the Mancunian club has enough money to repatriate him.

But also, if it is not an April Fool. Especially since Ronaldo made it known that he didn’t want to leave Turin.


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