Cristiano Ronaldo: his new haircut divides internet users!


Cristiano made a haircut that did not please internet users at all! Indeed, they made fun of him on twitter!

Cristiano Ronaldo has just surprised internet users! Indeed, this one sports a surprising new haircut…

In Dubai for the Globe Soccer Awards… Cristiano Ronaldo has of course received an award! However, this is not what internet users have retained! Indeed, the latter had their eyes riveted on his hair! And for good reason, the man with a small detail caught their attention!

When you look at Cristiano from the front … Nothing seems to have changed! Man always has his gradual gradient … Until then, nothing abnormal! But from behind, it’s quite another thing! The footballer has a very small bun that he managed to make with a few strands of longer hair … For a result that is far from appealing to internet users! And that is to say the least !

The photos of his new haircut quickly went around on the canvas! And as you can already imagine, it was on Twitter that the comments were the most negative! “But I’m dreaming, it’s really Cristiano Ronaldo’s hair or a montage! How awful, how could even one person around him let him out like that? »Or:« But… But why Cristiano? Seriously someone can explain to me because I don’t understand! »Can we read on the social network!

Despite this, Internet users have been more lenient on Instagram! And for good reason, Cristiano Ronaldo posted a sublime photo of his wife and his son. The man writes in legend: “always with me”! A message that then enchanted his fans. “You really have a beautiful family!” Your wife and son are great! Congratulations on your prize! »Can we read under the photo of Cristiano Ronaldo!


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