Cristiano Ronaldo: his new cup is far from being unanimous!


On his Instagram account, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo shares a new selfie to show off his new haircut. And it’s a failure …

It goes or it breaks … And if the comments of his fans are to be believed, Cristiano Ronaldo’s new haircut opts for the second option.

We can’t please everyone! Indeed, it is difficult to change your look or hairstyle without some people not appreciating it.

And you have to believe that Cristiano Ronaldo knows what we are talking about. Yes, the handsome 35-year-old footballer has been yearning for change for some time!

So the Juventus Turin player has a new cup! Thus, the latter is quick to show it to his 220 million subscribers on his Instagram account.

In the photo, we see Cristiano Ronaldo with hair up. Besides, its capillary change gives a styled / messy effect with a large lock that falls on the right side.

” Approved ? 🤔 »asks the sportsman in the legend of his publication. It must be believed that his new cut does not totally convince him! And his fans either …


For many years, fans of Cristiano Ronaldo have been accustomed to seeing him with perfectly clad hair on his head.

So his new style shocked some! Besides, some subscribers do not hesitate to let him know. They don’t like his cut at all!

Starting with his friends! Brazilian actor Caua Reymond does not approve of his hair change. “No my brother 😂”, comments the latter.

But he was not the only personality to have answered! Actress Luz Elena González does not take gloves to tell him in turn! “I don’t like it at all,” she writes.

May Cristiano Ronaldo be reassured! Some fans find it very beautiful like that. “Pretty cut 👌🏻”, “I think it looks good on you”, or “Always beautiful” can be read under the photo.

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