Cristiano Ronaldo lacks the future Manchester United!


It is a blow for Cristiano Ronaldo who will obviously not go to Manchester United. His salary would be a real drag for the club!

This is a big blow for Cristiano Ronaldo. The latter is deprived of Manchester United next season. Yet Fox Sports claimed the opposite a few days ago. Fans of the player do not know where to turn.

In an interview, Christian Martin recently confided: “Our sources in Manchester and Porto confirm that Manchester United is tempting Cristiano Ronaldo. For a return to the club next season ”.

Christian Martin also added: “The Portuguese is analyzing this possibility. Juventus would be open to negotiations ”. On the other hand, the Manchester Evening News, however, has just denied this rumor about Cristiano Ronaldo.

The newspaper revealed: “Sources within Manchester United are laughing at these alleged negotiations for a deal with Cristiano Ronaldo.” At the moment, he’s really not considering bringing in the player. Much to the dismay of the fans.


And Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary and age appear to be a problem. Manchester United, 35, also prefers to bet on youth. Indeed, it is Jadon Sancho that the football club is targeting.

Not long ago, the sports director of PSG made revelations about the footballer. He also balanced: “In how many clubs a player of Cristiano’s level can play? Four or five? “.

He also added: “It’s a closed circle, PSG come into this circle. And everyone is talking about PSG. But when it comes to the transfer window, it’s all about the opportunities, the moments, the situations… “.

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It remains to be seen what the future holds for the footballer. In the meantime, rumors are rife about him. While Fox Sports seem confident they will join Manchester United, the case does not seem to have been won. Case to follow!


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