Cristiano Ronaldo is very happy to play Juventus!


On Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo expressed his happiness to be able to play again with Juventus after missing several matches

Even the greatest athletes are not spared by the Covid-19. This proves that the latter are not robots, although we could doubt that. Indeed, Cristiano Ronaldo was also affected by the disease several days ago. Depriving him of several meetings with Juventus Turin.

It was also felt. Indeed, when CR7 was not on the ground, the Old Lady was struggling. But once this one returned, the white and black regained their shape and their beautiful game.

Proof of this is with the victory against La Spezia, 4-1 when Cristiano Ronaldo signed his return. At the end of the match, the five-time Ballon’Or spoke at Sky Italia’s microphone to let people know:

“I’m very happy, it was 18 or 19 days that I couldn’t do what I love the most, play football. But I felt good, I never had any symptoms and the usual ‘Screaming’ returned ”

Before adding: “I hope that in three or four games I will find my best condition, because I have been up for a long time”. Unfortunately, Cristiano Ronaldo will not be able to regain his form so quickly.


Indeed, hardly had he finished taking pleasure in replaying with Juventus that the Portuguese star re-injured himself. It was a few hours ago, playing against Lazio that his ankle was spinning.

His coach, Pirlo, spoke at DAZN’s microphone to give an account of the situation: “Cristiano Ronaldo is fundamental for us but also for all the teams in which he has played. He had a problem with his ankle and I had to get him out. But those who returned did good things ”.

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So it remains to be seen whether this is a big concern or whether the player will be able to recover from the injury quickly.

We know how quickly Cristiano Ronaldo can recover from injury. But the fact that he is advancing in age makes us less and less optimistic about it.


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