Cristiano Ronaldo: the incredible stats of his 9 year old son!


Football fans can say they have the chance to see Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo evolve. The two best football players on the planet. Indeed, the two athletes still amaze, despite their age that begins to be advanced, football fans. They can still be reassured. Because the succession seems already assured. The son of the Portuguese, 9 years old, would already be a phenomenon with incredible stats.

According to Football Talent Scout information, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. has incredible stats for his age. In just 28 games, he has 58 goals and 18 assists. That’s the equivalent of more than two goals per game. Certainly, it is for the moment of the simple category U-9. No one knows if, in the years to come, he will record the same stats against professionals and a higher level. But it is clear that the young Portuguese already impresses.

It remains to be seen if the name of his father, Cristiano Ronaldo, is not going to put pressure on him, and plumbing his career. This has happened in the past for some big boys’ sons.

Because yes, having a name does not ensure a career. Just look at Alain Giresse’s son, Bruno Germain, or, for now, Zinedine Zidane. Even if for this last, the sons of the famous number 10 of the team of France are only at the beginning of career. But there are also successes. What to hope for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Indeed, Yuri Djorkaeff, Paolo Maldini, but also Kasper Schmeichel, as emphasized by our colleagues from Booska-P, have all succeeded, or even better, than their paternal. On the other hand, for Cristiano Ronaldo’s son, going beyond a legend such as his father is still difficult. But we are not safe from anything.

We wish to Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., success in the continuation of his “career”. Many goals and most of all, a lot of luck to hope to find a place in the elite.

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