Cristiano Ronaldo: his secret technique to wake up shape!


Soon 36 years old and still on top, Cristiano Ronaldo panics the counters … He gives his tip to get up in Olympic form!

To stay on top for almost 36 years, Cristiano Ronaldo had to give his all… But his sleep trick to keep in shape will surprise everyone. Because it no longer does full nights …

Indeed, during his time at Real Madrid, the five-time Ballon d’Or appealed to the UK Sleep Concil. The goal is to find out if there is another way to recover and sleep. What if she could help him hold on too.

GQ thus met Cristiano Ronaldo’s advisor, Nick Littelhales. And the sleep expert was able to take care of the player, now at Juventus Turin. He thus had to deal with “a perfectionist of the body”.

“For him, being on top is an obsession,” explains the expert. When we met he asked me how I could help him. ” The advice he gives her then seems unlikely …

Because Cristiano Ronaldo had to stop the “normal” nights of 8 hours. “It would be harmful to him,” resumes the expert … Who advises him to set up “six 90-minute naps” per day. Surprising, isn’t it?


The expert’s advice also goes further. The position, the entourage, the clothes: all the habits of the Portuguese striker come under scrutiny. The goal: to optimize your sleep to gain power in the field.

Cristiano Ronaldo must therefore sleep with clean clothes for each nap. He must also adopt a fetal position, which is safer to protect the bones and internal organs … But the diet must change in the same direction!

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CR7 therefore stops taking three meals a day, to increase to six! A breakfast, two lunches, a snack, too and two dinners: these are the champion’s tips for keeping in shape.

An amazing pace, especially when you consider that Cristiano Ronaldo has a family, children … But it seems likely that he only adopts this technique before the matches. So to become a Ballon d’Or, we take six naps!


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