Cristiano Ronaldo gets stronger with “Todos por Todos”


Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo joins the Todos por Todos campaign. We’ll give you more details. Cristiano Ronaldo joins the “Todos por Todos” solidarity campaign.

In addition to being a football ace, the young player has a big heart. And Cristiano Ronaldo has just proven it once again.

The Portuguese player has just joined the “Todos por Todos” (all for all) campaign. It is, moreover, a campaign of solidarity to face the coronavirus pandemic.

Cristiano Ronaldo then shared the news on his Instagram account. You can also see the young player’s poster pictured just below.

You should know that the Portuguese is not at his first gesture of solidarity. Indeed, he has proven several times in the past that he has his hands on his heart.


Last March, the young athlete showed great generosity to help people sick with the coronavirus. But also the medical profession which struggles on a daily basis against this crisis.

Cristiano Ronaldo had indeed made all his hotels in Portugal available to hospitals. Thus, they could be transformed into care spaces for the sick.

But the young man does not stop there. He also announced that he would cover the salaries of the caregivers who will work there.

A very nice gesture from Cristiano Ronaldo who was not spared by the coronavirus. Indeed, the young player had contracted the virus last October.

The Juve striker has since been able to return to the football pitches. After spending several days in confinement he has therefore made his comeback.

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Even if with his national team, he could not beat France in the last match in the League of Nations. We also know that France remains a formidable opponent of Portugal. Eh yes !


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