Cristiano Ronaldo: Georgina Rodríguez a real star dancer!


In her recent Instagram Stories, Georgina Rodríguez has stepped into the shoes of a ballet dancer. Georgina Rodríguez is very talented. Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife therefore posted a video on social networks that leaves no room for doubt.

Professional model, the pretty brunette who therefore displays a slender figure, has more than one trick up her sleeve and she proves it. Recently, she made the buzz on social networks …

The Ballon’Or sweetheart posted a video in which she performs a few dance steps worthy of a ballet dancer. For the occasion, the pretty brunette wears a lovely tutu.

All in a candy pink atmosphere, hyper girly, therefore. As music, the mother of little Alana therefore opted for a song by Omega, Pegao / Me Miro y La Mire, which has become popular on the social network Tik Tok, therefore.


Proof that Georgina Rodríguez loves dancing and singing, the young woman recently participated in the Spanish version of Mask Singer. Indeed, the incendiary brunette unveiled an extract on Instagram a few days ago.

“What a great honor to perform at the premiere of Mask Singer in Spain! Mask Singer is therefore the first entertainment program in Spain, ”she wrote on Instagram. Brighter than ever, then.

The young woman aged 25 had therefore surprised Internet users. They couldn’t get over it when they found out who was hiding under that lion costume. Viewers were able to discover another hidden talent of Georgina: singing.

She therefore wanted to thank her fans for their support and the many positive comments towards her, therefore. “Thank you all very much, your encouragement motivates me,” she wrote, sharing a clip of her performance.

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Singer, dancer, mom, influencer. At only 25 years old, Georgina Rodríguez is therefore proving that you can be all of these at the same time. And much more !


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