Cristiano Ronaldo Gave an Interview Because He Wanted to Leave Manchester United: Piers Morgan


The last few weeks have been busy for Manchester United fans. They must have thought after the victory over Fulham that the six-week break at the World Cup would be calm, without unnecessary distractions.

How wrong this forecast turned out to be thanks to one person – Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese, who had bad times this season, went to the scandalous TV presenter Piers Morgan and decided to broadcast his incendiary views to the whole world.

CR7 knew what he wanted

During the interview, the striker criticized the club for its betrayal and manager Eric ten Hag for disrespecting him. There were also point-blank shots aimed at the Glazers, as well as United legends Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville.

And this meant an inevitable separation, which was announced a couple of days ago, when both sides agreed on a mutual termination.

What started as a fairy tale ended in a nightmare that will leave an unpleasant aftertaste with supporters all over the world.

It wasn’t an exit from the club, and the fans meant it when they announced to the world that their prodigal son was finally coming “home.”

Ronaldo himself said that the head of United has finally come to an end, and he is looking forward to new challenges as he hopes to help his country win the World Cup.

“The most important step was that we won,” he commented after the match. “This chapter is closed after this week. Now we are starting on a good foot. I helped my team, and now the job is done.”

Interestingly, Morgan himself admitted that Ronaldo’s main desire during the interview was to provide a way out, and he finally got what he was looking for.

CR7 got his wish

During a conversation with FS1 (via The Athletic), the controversial presenter said: “To be honest, I think he knew. Look, he’s a very smart guy, Cristiano, he knows what he’s doing.

“He didn’t think it was a certainty, he didn’t want to say in an interview that I was definitely leaving, I was going to leave United.

“But this was a guy who, at the end of his tenure, felt disrespected by coach Ten Haga, the owners, whom, according to him, he had never even met (and) the club leaders, who did not even believe him when he said that his daughter was ill.”

While this episode has tarnished his legacy at the club, Ten Hag will be hoping that his team can now act in the same direction without being distracted by further actions as they aim to get into the top four in the league and hopefully silverware at the end of the season. season.


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