Cristiano Ronaldo faces suspension for several games after the incident with Everton


The options of striker Eric ten Haag may be ready for another blow after it became known that Cristiano Ronaldo could be disqualified.

The FA has launched an investigation into an incident in which Ronaldo knocked a mobile phone out of a fan’s hand during a defeat to Everton last season.

The fan in question was only 14 years old, he suffered from autism and was left with a bruise on his arm.

“It was alleged that the forward’s behavior after the final whistle was inappropriate and/or violent,” which violated FA rule E3.

According to the ruling, players must not damage the reputation of the game “or use any one or a combination of aggressive behavior, serious violation of the rules of the game, threats, offensive, obscene or offensive words or behavior.”

In case of a possible violation of this rule, Ronaldo may face disqualification for several games in addition to a fine.

If that happens, Manchester United will lose their attacking opportunities.

Marcus Rashford has just returned to training today after being knocked out late in the match against Everton on Sunday, and Anthony Martial was substituted in the same match due to an injury sustained during the warm-up.

Rashford had muscle problems, due to which he was also recently excluded from the England national team, and Martial is still suffering from injuries all season.

United were unable to add a striker to their squad in the summer transfer window and may pay for it in a difficult October schedule.

Ronaldo’s departure from the team shortly after his first Premier League goal of the season will certainly be a blow for Ten Haga.

It is not surprising that the club is ready to fight the possibility of a ban.

They, like Ronaldo, deny the event, but hope to offer context and offer extenuating circumstances to avoid on-field consequences for an off-field incident.

It is unclear whether such arguments will prove effective in obtaining leniency from the FA, although history shows that they are unlikely to do so.


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