Cristiano Ronaldo: his ex Jasmine Lennard attacks him “I feel harassed”!


Jasmine Lennard has just brought new charges against Cristiano Ronaldo. She accuses him of harassing him.Thunder blow for Cristiano Ronaldo! The ex-footballer, Jasmine Lennard has once again to speak … MCE TV tells you more!

This is the case that shakes the world of football right now. Cristiano Ronaldo is accused of rape by Kathryn Mayorga, a former model. If the man has always denied, the DNA results have just proven that it was indeed CR7. But that’s not all, Jasmine Lennard, Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex has made new shocks revelations.

Earlier this year, Jasmine Lennard was already accusing her ex of harassing her. Indeed, the model had not hesitated to treat him as “monster” and “psychopath”. Asked by the magazine Public, she had said. “Ronaldo does not stop calling me. Fourteen times last weekend between 1:30 and 5 o’clock in the morning. I feel really harassed. The more he accumulated money and power, the more I saw him become a real monster. At first everything was fine, then he started sending 10,000 messages a day. I think he had to follow me. I told him hundreds of times to leave me alone … But he (Cristiano Ronaldo) did not do it. ”

But the young woman does not stop there. Indeed, Jasmine Lennard has just spoken again on this case. Indeed, while Cristiano Ronaldo says he has never had sex with her, she balances: “False. I filed a lawsuit against him for defamation. He claims never to have met me, even though we had sex. And that he came to my house and that he even knows my own mother. “No doubt that after this new rebound, Ronaldo may still have trouble with the law … Case to follow.


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