Cristiano Ronaldo breaks all popularity records on Instagram


In sport as on networks, Cristiano Ronaldo is very popular. The footballer has just broken all records on Instagram! Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most popular personalities on the planet. On Instagram, the footballer has just reached 200 million subscribers .

Is there a bigger star than Cristiano Ronaldo today ? I’m not so sure. The footballer goes from success to success . In sport as in life, everything succeeds. Moreover, at only 17 years old, the young prodigy played his very first match in the first division. And you know what ? He scored twice. Just that.

Cristiano Ronaldo, we admire him for his talent. However, it also owes its success to hard work for so many years. In the player’s life, everything is controlled. In fact, from training to nutrition, nothing is left to chance. Besides, it allowed him to reach the heights. Cr7 therefore accumulates no less than 5 Golden Balloons . It’s just exceptional.

Cristiano Ronaldo also knows a great success on social networks . And for good reason. The profile of the footballer has something to seduce. Between photoshoot, family photos and sports sessions, the whole life of the star is revealed to us. Cr7 is also very active on its account. We can’t be bored!

Cristiano Ronaldo has once again broken a record . Aisni, the player has just reached 200 million followers on Instagram . Just that ! He also thanked his fans. “Wow 200 million!” Thank you to each of you for sharing this journey with me every day. ” He also shared a slideshow of his career. On this one, we see him at different times in his life. There are also photos of him younger. We also see it with several celebrities. He poses with Zidane, Nelson Mandela and Floyd Mayweather in particular.


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