Crisshell Staus appeals to fans of “sunset sale”, calling her a “hooligan”: “You don’t always have to be nice”


Not here for a backlash. While fans of “Sunset Sales” are reacting to the fifth season of the Netflix show, Krischel Staus speaks about her strained relationship with her co-star Christine Quinn.

“I just wanted to solve something very quickly. Every season I see this ordinary thing every time I’m actually, you know, not very good, I’m pretending to be good, but in fact I’m a bully or something like that,” the 40-year—old real estate agent. started via Instagram Stories on Monday, April 25. “Here’s the thing, to all the nice girls, listen, try to be nice, try and do the right thing. I have been working in this business for a long time. I have saved so many friends. I try to always be a professional.”

Staus concluded his message: “At the end of the day, you don’t always have to be nice if someone keeps pushing you and doesn’t respect your boundaries, and that’s fine.”

The former soap opera star barely communicated with the 33-year-old Quinn in the fifth part of the reality show, which began on Friday, April 22. However, Staus was shown telling then-boyfriend Jason Oppenheim that he should be fired “Like Being a Boss B*tch author for comments she made about their relationship and their castmates, including Mary Fitzgerald and Emma Hernan. Fans are ambivalent about this scene.

“Perhaps this is an unpopular opinion, but Chris has always behaved sloppily. It’s terrible how obsessed she is with Christina,” one person wrote on Friday. “How are you trying to get Jason to fire her? Then ask if Chelsea sells real estate. This dream with the boss turned her head #SellingSunset.”

“I’m not saying that Kristina is innocent, but each of these girls has problems they need to work on, not just Kristina,” a second viewer wrote on Twitter. “She is being exposed as the only villain [SIC]. Crischell, Mary and Emma are also villains [SIC]. #sunset sale”.

A third user objected: “There’s no way you’re calling Crischell a villain when Kristin has been bullying Crischell since the beginning of the show. are you all as delusional as Kristin… do you expect Kryshell to calm down after all the shit Kristin did to her?!? #Sunset sale”.

Quinn, for her part, spoke briefly about the fifth season on Friday via social media, tweeting: “30 minutes to launch #SellingSunset, enjoy the new season and all its 5,000 fake storylines.”

A few days later, news broke that Quinn was absent from the Season 5 reunion taping because she tested positive for COVID-19.

“The producers offered her the opportunity to video chat, but she declined because she didn’t feel good enough for it.”