Criminal Minds: The Surprising Figure Matthew Gray Gubler Won as Spencer Reid


For more than 300 episodes, Matthew Gray Gubler played Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds, and was able to leave a lasting impression on fans of the show. Thanks to Criminal Minds becoming such a colossal success, the actor was able to earn millions playing Spencer Reid.

At this point in his career, Matthew Gray Gubler is a popular actor who has seen success on both the big and small screens. The actor may be best known for playing Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds, but trust us when we say that the actor has done a lot more than most people realize.

On the big screen, the actor’s greatest success comes from the voice of Simon Seville in the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies. Most people were surprised to learn that it was him and that he played Simon in all 4 movies. Matthew Gray Gubler also had roles in VR, (500) Days of Summer and Batman: Assault on Arkham, earning him more than a few notable credits in the world of film acting.

On television, Matthew Gray Gubler doesn’t have as many credits. He has appeared on a few other shows like Celebrity Ghost Stories, The Beauty Inside, and Dollface. Although the actor has been very successful, he is still best known for his time playing Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds. In 2005, Matthew Gray Gubler began playing the title character in the series, and while watching a procedural crime drama was nothing new to television audiences, this series was just what fans were looking for. In no time, he became a fixture on the small screen and a huge hit with fans.

Like other stars landing a role on a popular TV show, Matthew Gray Gubler wasn’t earning a bonus at first, but over time, the show’s popularity gave his salary a huge boost. In 2012, for example, it was announced that the actor was receiving a pay increase to start earning $ 100,000 per episode. That was a nice raise and it helped Gubler make millions while he was on the show.

It is estimated that Gubler would later receive another pay raise, bringing things up to $ 150,000 per episode. Note that this payment does not reflect the money he has earned from syndication, which means that he certainly earned much more for episodes that have aired multiple times. The distribution reportedly increased his salary to approximately $ 3.5 million annually. Criminal Minds has come to an end, but Gubler has kept busy with a couple of projects and fans still remember the excellent character he played on the show.