Criminal Minds: The story of season 1 that completely collapsed the fans


Criminal Minds, the drama that follows the team of criminologists and special agents who make life in the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit, ran for an extraordinary 15 seasons on CBS, telling compelling stories that surprised fans every week. . However, there was one from season 1 that is among the most remembered.

The series that premiered in 2005, came to an end in February 2020 after being on the air with a total of 324 episodes, which kept millions of fans around the world hooked, who since its conclusion, have been crying out for a series reboot. Fortunately, Criminal Minds will continue its stories on television through the streaming platform Paramount +, as executives and six members of the original cast are currently in talks to materialize a reboot of the series that has been off screen since. two years ago.

In the 15 years that Criminal Minds has been on the air, the most outlandish crime stories that have ever crossed fans’ imaginations have been told. A lot of heinous crimes, which didn’t go unsolved but emotionally impacted the audience in a way that made them memorable. As many will remember, Criminal Minds featured a Season 1 episode that completely blew fans away. The story told the case of Sarah Jean Mason and her husband Jacob Dawes; two heinous serial killers, who were convicted of at least 12 crimes and were awaiting execution in Florida.

Starting in 1990 and for five years, the characters murdered 11 teenagers and their 2-year-old son. The behavioral analysis unit learned of a thirteenth murder, so Jason Gideon went to interview the couple. Sarah Jean tried to pretend that she had killed her child, while she denied her involvement in the other murders. And although both were sentenced to death, the episode presented a heartbreaking ending that no one expected.

Gideon suspects that Sarah Jean is lying about something in her interview. So, he does some research and finds something remarkable. After all, a teenager named Byron Sheffield, Sarah Jean’s son is alive and well. Sarah Jean went against her husband’s orders and she left her child with a family that would take care of him and raise him as their own. She saved him from her father and kept her story going throughout the trial so that her son would continue to be okay.

Finally, Gideon tracked down Byron’s whereabouts thinking that Sarah’s execution might be stayed. The truth was that the woman wanted to keep her child away from her so that she would never find out who her parents really were. In the end, Gideon relents and Sarah Jean asks him to attend the execution so that her face will be the last one she sees. In an even more heartbreaking moment, the end of the episode shows Gideon attending Byron’s cello recital.