Criminal Minds: the character with the most deaths


The CBS series Criminal Minds ran for 15 long seasons and aired its last episode in February 2020, leaving fans wanting to see more of the dramatic criminal cases.

As fans of the series will know, one of Criminal Minds’ most prominent characters, Aaron Hotchner, played by actor Thomas Gibson, had an abrupt exit in season 12.

Most Criminal Minds fans were shocked at the news back then in August 2016, when the actor was fired from the show due to a heated incident with series producer Virgil Williams.

In Criminal Minds, Thomas Gibson was highly noted for the excellent interpretation of the story of his character Aaron Hotchner, who, according to a study by a fan of the series according to Looper, was the cause of the most deaths in the Program.

Importantly, the study of Criminal Minds characters, related to those who caused the highest number of deaths, resulted in Hotchner causing 39%, while Derek Morgan appears with 23.8% and J.J. representing 11.1%.

In this sense, it is necessary to indicate that this study was published in 2015, so the figures may have changed since then until the end of the series in 2020. However, it goes without saying that probably none of the characters remaining in the series after Hotchner’s departure, may have set the record the leader held until his departure from the show in 2016.

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